Reviews and Recommendations

Read the reviews of some of our previous satisfied customers. Learn from their experience and stories about how they travel to the Philippines. This is a proof that North Air Travel and Tours is an Adventurous, Accommodating, a Safe and Reliable travel agency that will help and guide you on your tours.


We used North Air Travel and Tours for a recent trip to the Philippines. The company acted as our drivers and tour guide for the entire trip. They were more than excellent and we loved our trip. They helped us organize the perfect trip with terrific hotels and locations to visit. The itinerary for our trip was recommended by them. We were able to visit many places in a short period of time. They were always on time, extremely pleasant, excellent drivers, and had great knowledge of everywhere we wanted to visit, even places which were not a part of the original plan. Their van was large and very nice, so it was able to accommodate the five of us along with all of our luggage. We highly recommend them when planning a trip to the Philippines!

North Air Travel and Tours is the way to go!! They are so helpful and fun travel agency. When I finished serving a mission for the Church in the Philippines, my parents came to pick me up. North Air Travel and Tours fetched my parents from a hotel in Manila and drove them to where I was in Pangasinan. After we met up they continued to take us around and show us some of the most amazing places including Hundred Islands and Baguio. They were very informative while showing us some historical WWII sights and even educated us about the Filipino culture. And also they took us to some local sights that we wouldn’t have known about without them. Then they made my last week and my parents first week in the Philippines a week we’ll never forget!


We loved our trip with North Air! They are perfect at English which is really nice for my husband who does not speak Tagalog. He felt welcomed and a part of the entire Filipino experience! My husband also loved the WWII sites because he is currently in the military and loves history. I was a big fan of all of the insider tips that the North Air had like where to eat and stay and also the best deals on food. I also was amazed by how many gorgeous places they took us to that didn’t have a bunch of touristy crowds. It felt like we had the island to ourselves! Our trip with them was a dream and it will be the only way we travel when we go visit the Philippines! They are such a nice family and are seriously the best travel buddies we have had!