Perfect Day in Bohol

If you would ask me what my perfect day would be like, it's going to be waking up in one of the white sand beaches in Bohol. It says that when you want to see paradise, go see Bohol.

These are the most memorable activities and experiences I have in Bohol and Panglao. They’re one of the most authentic and diverse islands in the Philippines – exactly how it should be!

Its unique island vibes and tranquility is the reason we are in Bohol. It was nearly dawn when we arrive.


Chocolate Hills

When I was in grade school years ago, I remember seeing a picture of the Chocolate Hills for the first time and wondered if I ever would have the change to go there. And it happened!

This surreal landscape is a geological formation consisting of 1,776 conical-shaped hills covered in a vivid green grass. No, they are not made of chocolate nor they have no cocoa trees! During the dry season, they do mute to a brown color, hence their name. 

The hills are located in Carmen, in the heart of Bohol, and range from 30 to 120-meter high. Needless to say is a great place for pictures or just contemplate a true wonder of nature.

Loboc Rives

The interior of the island is full of hidden gems. Apart from a charming setting, Loboc is known for its river cruises. While rather expensive, these are boats that take you up and down the scenic Loboc river. There are boat restaurants which include lunch.

On a separate floating barge were locals all decked in traditional clothes who make extra money doing a cultural presentation. Our boat docked beside the barge and the locals did their song and dance number. There was no extra payment but tips were appreciated. Some guests participated in the tinikling dance while most of them took to their phone cameras for the memento shots. The guests were genuinely having a great time

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Paddling through Loboc river provides a feeling of communion with mother nature. Stand Up Paddleboarding is also perfect for the family-bonding time. A great way to teach your children to appreciate mother nature.  Children and the whole family can relax and enjoy the cool stream of the flowing river. Life vests will be provided and guide always with you along the way.

Stand Up Paddling offers a quiet time and re-connecting with nature.  You paddle at your own pace, meditatively as you cruise down this river paradise in Loboc.


The Philippine Tarsier can only be found in the central Philippines. Tarsier is known as the world’s smallest primate. Tarsiers are located in Bohol, Leyte, Samar, and portions of Mindanao. Considering its small size, the tarsiers are not the smallest primate at all. Their big eyes are very sensitive to light that is why flash photography is not allowed.


Stretching up to two kilometers, the dense forest made up of red and white mahogany trees is located along the border of Loboc and Bilar towns.

As you leave Loboc town up the winding hilly road going to Chocolate Hills, you will notice immediately that you are now inside the forest because your view of the road and surroundings darken and you feel chilly, especially during summer months.

The terrain from both sides of the road goes up; so I don’t know how high. What you see are only the Mahogany trees that look like thousands of sentinels guarding the road, standing erect. No other vegetation is growing among the Mahogany trees. One only sees the brown trunks stretching forth from the earth and the green canopy above. And that’s what makes them look so attractive!

PANGLAO island

Bohol is very popular for its world class diving sites and the best coral reefs in the country. The island is blessed with an abundant sea and beautiful long stretches of white beaches. That's why your Bohol experience wouldn't be complete without seeing some dolphins and snorkeling to have a glimpse of its amazing sea creatures.

Philippines Travel Itinerary

The tiny island of Balicasag, just off the coast of Bohol is famed for its excellent diving and marine life. The island is ringed by a reef which is a recognized marine sanctuary and drops off to reveal submarine cliffs which reach a staggering 50 meters high. Balicasag is home to just one resort and a few hundred locals, so despite its tiny size it never feels overly cramped.



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