Why do people visit Hundred Island?

The Hundred Islands National Park collectively comprises of 123 limestone islands. Most of which are clad in lush vegetation, secret coves, white sand beaches, and sandbars. Snorkeling areas amidst largely tranquil waters with gorgeous views of the South China Sea.

The Hundred Islands National Park is believed to be at least about 2 million years old. The islands were part of an ancient coral area that extends well inland. The island is a large area that used to be part of an ancient sea. When the sea levels go down, the islands were exposed. Whilst hundreds of thousands of years slowly eroded the base of these islands invariably forming mushroom/umbrella shapes in the middle of stunning emerald waters.

Visiting the Islands several times makes one getting used to it, but not me. It always fascinates me how this island was formed. From powdery sand to bat caves, rock formations, sandbar, hiking trail, zip line (experiencing zip line from one island to another is the best feeling in the world. The adrenaline of seeing a couple of island form the top is a breathtaking experience )   and underwater activities.

Hundred Island

Thirst Quencher

Hundred Island will quench your thirst for an ultimate island adventure. This is also a place where you can see the world’s biggest bivalve mollusks – the Giant Clams, also called “Taklobos.” Their shell is very long and each can weigh up to 225 kilograms! This can be avail as Helmet diving activity which is highly recommended to do.

Other islands that might peak your interest is the Century cave Island, the cave was said to be one of the hiding places of locals during World War 2 which now a home to thousands of nocturnal creature ready to welcome a visitor as this site is rarely visited.

Some people look for a beautiful place, others make the place beautiful.

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