Coron Paradise

When reality is better than your dreams– that’s what I felt the moment my feet stepped into the paradise of Coron, Palawan.


Waves crashing onto a sugar-white beach, palms swaying. A gentle breeze, and the most stunning blues you’ve ever seen. That’s the stuff our daydreams are made of, and exactly what’s in store for you when you visit Coron. One of the amazing destinations that have made Palawan the world’s best island year after year.


Yes, among all 7,500 islands in the Philippines, Coron is one of the best. We were welcomed by Coron on a glorious morning. Our day isn’t that packed since we have this day schedule to have a tour around the city. After we checked in, we immediately explored the town center and looked for interesting things to see. And then we head our way to Mt. Tapyas to chase the sunset overlooking Coron town. This welcoming itinerary sure made our day satisfied!

The islands are home to a number of unique and breathtaking sights. What this cluster of islands has become most well known for is the handful of WWII shipwrecks that are permanently entombed off the shores of Coron.


Snorkeling and Diving is a must in Coron with its magnificent underwater scenery. Where rich marine life and fantastic underwater shipwrecks are common scenery. The Japanese shipwrecks of  Irako, Okikawa Maru, Akitsushima, Kogyo Maru, Olympia Maru, Kyokuzan Maru, Terukaze Maru. And even more like East Tangat Gunboat, Nanshin Maru, Lusong Gunboat. Skeleton Wreck are scattered in the waters of Calamianes and are good sites for wreck diving.


Limestone rock formations add to the stunning picture. These otherworldly shapes rise out of the turquoise sea to create unbelievable seascapes. Visitors can see them on cruises through the archipelago. It is until you come face to face with those gigantic limestones and turquoise lagoon. You will experience this feeling of awe and reverence. It feels like heaven is on earth.



But for all its natural beauty, Coron is more than just a pretty tropical paradise. It has a rich marine biodiversity. It also a share of underwater war tales as told by shipwrecks can be intimidating and exciting due to its rare status.

Heading back to Coron town makes me question. Would I come back and take a look of this scattered island in the future. It's a big YES!

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