Oliver Bondad

CEO of North Air Travel and Tours

Oliver is the one who conceptualized the idea of North Air Travel and Tours. He is an adventurous man who loves to travel and shares his passion with others that wants to travel the Philippines. He is a loving husband and married to Marisol Bondad and has 3 children. Together they travel and explore the Islands of the Philippines.


Logo for about us

North Air Travel and Tours was conceptualized on a plane. The concept is to provide a customized travel and tours based on a local’s perspective. Our company believes that there are thousands of way to explore the Philippines and its lush countryside. We offer customized tailored fit travel and tours itinerary to cater to the different needs of the unsatisfied market. Philippines tourism tagline, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” is our passion and motivation. We are putting our hearts and aims to make our company as an ambassador of this tagline.  North Air Travel and Tours continues to grow with a number of satisfied clients. It became an inspiration to give quality service to all who will set foot in the Islands of the Philippines. Truly North Air Travel and Tours is the best way to travel the Philippines.


With these core values that we have, We believe that North Air Travel and Tours will continue to grow.

1. Increased Perceived Values.

There are thousands of things to do in the Philippines. Its beauty is in different formal. The best way to achieve it is through the perspective of a local. We in north air travel and tours offer customized and tailored fit tours to achieve its authentic experience.

2. Set a New Standard

This company offers a satisfaction guaranteed service through dedicated manpower by answering all queries with urgency.

3. Developed Emblems

We will be known as the ambassador of our flag which bears the logo of pride and nationalism.

4. Limit Availablity

Our target market will be focused on foreign individual whos desire is to visit the Philippines and experience its tropical place and unique culture.